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If you’re wondering what people mean when they say they are using a town car in Calgary, you’re probably not alone. It is one of the common business terms that usage has become so common place that it has now become it’s own meaning. As an example, when people say Kleenex they probably mean to say tissue, however the brand Kleenex has come into the common language lexicon as meaning tissue paper. In the same way town car, which is actually a brand of Lincoln, now has its own meaning of car service to the airport.
It can also mean using a vehicle and chauffer to take you on a transfer from location to location.

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What uses for a town car in Calgary

The uses of a town car in Calgary are multifold. Besides being used primarily to take people to and from the airport, it also can be used to take people to sporting events, dinner outings, business meetings, special events and even medical transfers when medication has been given to a patient and they are not allowed to drive because of it, such as dental sedation treatment.

The need for a town car in Calgary has been growing in recent years. People realize the convenience of not being required to drive and also of not having to park their car. By eliminating both requirements in transferring oneself to the airport, you greatly reduce the amount of time required. This is especially compounded if you’re leaving early in the morning. The convenience is well worth the cost, not to mention the savings of not having to pay for parking for an extended period of time.

What services can you compare it to?

Other services that one could compare a town car in Calgary would be: a taxi, Uber, or a shuttle service. The problem with the aforementioned is the reliability factor. Are you sure they are going to show up? Will there be a car available when I need to go to the airport? Make sure to book your next ride with Belvedere to ensure you get to where you need to go on time.

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